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Wolk in Namibia 1 (english)

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Sierra Cafema 03 The tour starts from Windhoek , the capitol of Namibia and guides the participants in north western direction up to the border of Angola.

Up to that point the landscape changes every day, the exeptional wildlife shows its beauty and the team gets to meet the first Himba village. It is an encounter of the cultures and everybody is deeply impressed by that experience. After a few days the team has to manage one of the most difficult 4×4 trails Africa has to offer – the van Zyl’s Pass which guides into the Marienfluss valley and allows a maximum travel speed of 4 Km/h. Two days the cars have to climb from rock to rock and it ist a challenge for all team members and a test in terms of trust and teamwork.

After 7 days of travelling through the stunning nature and the effort to manage the van Zyl’s Pass the team arrives at the Serra Cafema Lodge, one of the most beautiful places situated directly at the border to Angola, next to the Kunene River. The tour ends with some more wunderful impressions of namibias wildlife and nature and the way back to Windhoek where everthing started.